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The Characteristics Of Hard Alloy
May 31, 2018

The characteristics of hard alloy:

(1) hardness, wear resistance and high red hardness

The hardness of cemented carbide at room temperature can reach 86~93HRA, equivalent to 69~81HRC. It can maintain high hardness and wear resistance at 900~1000 C. Compared with high speed tool steel, the cutting speed is 4~7 times higher than that of high speed tool steel, and its life is 5~80 times longer. It can cut hard materials with hardness up to 50HRC.

(2) high modulus of strength and high modulus of elasticity

The compressive strength of cemented carbide is as high as 6000MPa, and the elastic modulus is (4~7) x 105MPa, which is higher than that of high speed steel. But its bending strength is low, generally 1000~3000MPa.

(3) good corrosion resistance and good antioxidation

Generally, it can resist atmospheric corrosion, acid and alkali corrosion, and is not easy to oxidize.

(4) the coefficient of linear expansion is small

When working, the shape and size are stable.

(5) the forming products are no longer processed and regrinding

Because of the high hardness and brittleness of the hard alloy, the powder metallurgy is no longer machined or regrinding after sintering. Only electrical discharge, wire cutting, electrolytic grinding or special grinding wheel can be used in the process of reprocessing. A standard product, usually made of cemented carbide, is brazed, glued or mechanically clamped for use in knife bodies or dies.

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