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Six Key Points For The Use Of Hard Alloy Welding Blades
May 31, 2018

Six key points for the use of hard alloy welding blades:

1. The welded cutting tool structure should have sufficient rigidity enough to be of maximum allowable shape, as well as the use of high strength steel and heat treatment.

2. The cemented carbide blade should be fixed to the hard alloy welding blade with sufficient fixed reliability. It is guaranteed by the knife groove and welding quality. Therefore, the blade shape should be selected according to the shape of the blade and the geometric parameters of the tool.

3. Check the knife rod carefully before the blade is welded to the knife rod. The necessary inspection should be made to the blade and the knife bar before the blade is welded. First, it should be checked that the blade support surface can not be seriously bent. The cemented carbide welding surface should not have serious carburizing layer. At the same time, the dirt on the surface of the carbide blade and the groove of the knife rod should be cleared to ensure the welding. Rely on.

4, reasonable selection of solder in order to ensure the strength of welding, should choose suitable solder. In the process of welding, good wettability and fluidity should be guaranteed, and bubbles are excluded so that welding is fully contacted with the alloy welding surface and there is no lack of welding.

5, the correct choice of welding flux recommended for the use of industrial borax, should be dehydrated in the oven before use, and then crushed, sieve removal of mechanical debris, to be used.

6. In order to reduce the welding stress, the mesh compensation gasket is used to weld high titanium and low cobalt fine particle alloy and long and thin alloy blade to reduce the welding stress. It is suggested that the mesh compensation gasket with thickness of 0.2--0.5mm or mesh aperture 2--3mm is used for welding.

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