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Quality For Life In China
May 31, 2018

Quality for life in China

From "redefining China", it is not difficult to see that China is trying to tear off the label of Chinese production. From the past few decades to the future, the benchmark will not change, not only to make a brand of manufacturing power in the world, but at the same time, at the time of increasing the daily life of the people. For the quality of the product, the product technology, the demand of the new function, especially the demand of the individuation, the production enterprise is not neglecting, while the quality is on. What efforts do we need to achieve in order to achieve real quality improvement? For example, many of the production enterprises in China still remain in semi automation or automation, but there is no stage of forming an integrated platform system, and there are still many steps to be involved in artificial participation, to reduce the error rate of the production link, and the other is the inflow of information and the loss of information. Loss, transmission is not accurate, want to solve such problems, improve product quality. To change the traditional production mode and establish an integrated platform, the greatest benefit of improving the quality of the integrated platform is to meet the flexibility, reconfiguration, lean, digitalization, agility and configurability of production, and establish three dimensions, system level (equipment, control, workshop, enterprise and synergy), and life. Cycle (design, production, logistics, sales, service), intelligent function (resource elements, system integration, intercommunication, information fusion, emerging industry), in technology to achieve physical information fusion, comprehensive coverage of enterprise production, management, sales and information decision-making process, at the same time, to realize the whole process of real-time monitoring and failure. Monitor the alarm and eliminate the quality problems in the bud.

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