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Guides To The Requirements Of Cemented Carbide Brazed Tips
Sep 29, 2018

The structure of brazed tips tools must be tough enough

High toughness shall be guaranteed by the maximum allowable sizes of the tips and by using a rather strong steel grade and heat treatment.


Cemented carbide tips should be strongly fixed securely

The cemented carbide tips should have a secure fixation and it is guaranteed by the flutes of the tool holders and the quality in welding, so the flutes of the tools holders must be selected as per the tool shapes and he geometrical parameters of the tips.


Check on the tips and the tool holders must be done before welding of the tips to the tool holders to ensure that there is no serious bending on the support surface of tips. There shall be no serious carburization on the welding surface of the tips and contaminants on the surface of the tips or in the flutes of the tool holders must be eliminated to ensure the quality of a secure welding.


Requirements for the welding materials

In order to ensure the toughness of the welding, a proper welding material must be selected. During the welding process, good wettability and flowability must be guaranteed to make sure that the welding material and the surface of the tips contact sufficiently with nothing nothing to be welded.


Requirements for the flux in the welding process

In general, industrial borax is recommended to be used. Before the use of the borax, it should be dewatered in a drying oven and then milled and sieved to get rid of the foreign objects.


During the welding of cemented carbide tips of fine grain size with high titanium and low cobalt content and long and thin cemented carbide tips, it will be recommended that compensation shims of a thickness of 0.2-0.5mm or similar shims with holes of 1-2mm in order to reduce the stress in the welding process.


As cemented carbide tips are rather brittle and sensitive to the formation of cracks, extensive heating or rapid cooling must be prevented in the grinding of the tools and at the same time, grinding wheels with an appropriate grain size and hardness must be chosen and proper grinding technique to avoid cracks in the grinding of the edges of the tips and not to affect the services life of tools.


When the tools are installed, the length of the tips outstretching the tools must be as less as possible or the vibration of the tools will occur and then the cemented carbide tips will be damaged.


When the tools come to a normal bluntness, they must be reground, the edges and the radius of the edges must be reground with oilstones to increase the services life and reliability of the tools.

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