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China Makes Innovation The Soul, Quality As Life And Talent As The Root
May 31, 2018

China makes innovation the soul, quality as life and talent as the root.

Taking innovation as the soul

With the unremitting efforts of China's reform and opening up in the past 40 years, China's manufacturing industry has made remarkable achievements. However, behind the gloss is the awkward reality that the added value of China's manufacturing products is low and the industrial structure is seriously unbalanced. To this end, China put forward the "China made 2025" national strategic call, in order to vigorously promote the realization of intelligent manufacturing as the main means to truly realize the dream of a powerful manufacturing industry. To make the manufacturing industry fly, innovation is the soul. When intelligent products are full of people's lives, the backward traditional products will lose competitiveness, even if they are cheap, they will be unsalable. When the TV can switch directly on your instructions, will you use the remote control? When a car can send you home from the office without your operation, you should just want to take a nap in the car after a day's work. The innovation of AI technology will profoundly affect the manufacturing industry. Relying on big data, artificial intelligence technology is used to make manufacturing design more diversified through application software. At the same time, the continuous variable optimization model constructed by the large data analysis system (DES) and the three-dimensional simulation system (SMS) is transformed into a soft model which can be modified repeatedly by the computer 3D modeling technology. With the dynamic simulation, the model can be simulated and tested in all directions from the production and the use layer to the manufacturing and the innovative design. Meet the needs of industrial design automation and intellectualization.

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