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What is the difference between tungsten steel and tungsten carbide?
Aug 22, 2018

Tungsten carbide is generally called cemented carbide or carbide. Tungsten carbide is a hard alloy material which containing equal parts of tungsten and carbon atoms. It has the characteristics of high hardness, excellent wear resistance, good heat and corrosion resistance, which allow it can be used under even extreme conditions with minimized distortion and corrosion.


Tungsten steel, also named high speed steel (HSS) or tool steel. Tungsten steel is one of the hardest materials preceded only by diamond, it has the qualities of high hardness and excellent wear resistance just like the tungsten carbide. The superiority of high speed steel is its high hardness and wear resistance which enable it sticks to high hardness even with temperatures up to 1000℃.

The difference between tungsten steel and tungsten carbide is that the tungsten steel fabricated by steel-making technology with carbon content between 15-25%; While tungsten carbide is produced by powder metallurgy with carbon content above 80%.

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