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Vacuum heat treatment
May 31, 2018

Vacuum heat treatment

Cemented carbide parts

Metal processing is an important research direction in the application of materials. The principle of vacuum heat treatment technology uses the characteristics of the phase change of metal in the vacuum state. Under the vacuum that is only within 0.1MPa range of the atmospheric pressure, there is no change in thermodynamics and dynamics of solid phase transformation. In the process of vacuum heat treatment, the principle of solid state phase transition at atmospheric pressure can be completely based on the principle of the solid state phase change, and it can be used to refer to the data of various types of tissue transformation under the atmospheric pressure. At the same time, under the vacuum degassing effect, the physical and mechanical properties of metal materials can be improved. The evaporation of the elements on the surface of the metal workpiece can be evaporated in the vacuum state. The metal realizes the vacuum degree needed for heating without oxidation, and the surface purify function achieves less oxidation and less free.

Vacuum heat treatment is a non oxidizing heat treatment technology with a wide range of applications with controllable atmosphere. It is also one of the main signs of the advanced degree of the current heat treatment production technology. The vacuum heat treatment can not only realize the non oxidation and decarburization of the steel, but also realize the pollution free of production and the little distortion of the workpiece. Therefore, it also belongs to the category of clean and precision production technology. At present, it has become an irreplaceable advanced technology in the production of industrial moulds.

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