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Tungsten Carbide Drill Bits for Machining Non-metal and Metal Materials
Aug 08, 2018

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Tungsten carbide drill bits are composed by refractory metal carbide and high-purity cobalt powder for auxiliary metal or other metal powder as the binder. As a result of special production methods, and use of international advanced low pressure sintering furnace, the alloy is not only to maintain the original valued properties of tungsten carbide, and its performance increased by 1/4 than ordinary drawing die. At the same time, due to cobalt or other metal for cement, it becomes also tough.

1. Good Wear Resistance

Tungsten carbide possesses high wear resistance, which could guarantee long-term work of drawing die within any drawn amount and ensure the size and precision of products.

2. Excellent Polishing

Carbide has a good polishing, which can be processed like mirror, thus ensuring high-quality of metal surface.

3. Small Adhesion

In the drawing process, the drawing die keep little adhesion with metal processed, thereby enhancing the durability of drawing die, and make processing material to acquire high-quality gloss finish for surface.

4. Small Friction Coefficient

In the drawing process, small frictional resistance can greatly reduce the power loss, thus enhancing efficiency.

5. High Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity

In the drawing process, heat can be conducted away very well.

6. Good Corrosion Resistance

The property is in the wet lubricated stretch, especially in the acidic lubricated stretch, to become more superior.


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