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The Use of Cemented Carbide
Nov 23, 2018

Structural parts: There are lots of structural components composed by tungsten carbide, such as rotary seal rings, compressor pistons, lathe chucks, grinding machine spindles, bearing journals, etc.

Wear parts: Wear-resistant parts made of hard alloys include nozzles, guide rails, plungers, balls, tire studs, snow shovels, and so on.

Cutting tools: Carbide is more harder than other typical tool materials, which makes it susceptible to chipping and breaking. The majority categories of carbide tools include solid carbide drills, solid carbide small garden saw blades, carbide micro drills and other cutting tools.

Carbide dies: Cemented carbide is extremely hard and abrasive, and commonly used tungsten carbide die is cold heading die, wire drawing die, hexagonal die, spiral mold, etc., Tungsten carbide die is very widely used in the mold industry. And the industry generally uses tungsten carbide cobalt.

Mining tools: Tungsten carbide is used extensively in mining in top hammer rock drill bits, downhole drill bits, roller-cutters, long wall plough chisels, DTH drill, road milling picks, raiseboring reamers, and tunnel boring machines.  

Other products: Tungsten carbide can also be applied to manufacture top hammers, pressure cylinders and other products for synthetic diamonds. 

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