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The Characteristics of Slitting Circular Blades
Aug 16, 2018

Slitter circular blade has now been widely applied in various applications. No matter what kind of size and materials of the blades, there are some basic tips need to be taken into consideration when choosing a right circular blade or cutter for your job.



In general, the better the material, the higher the hardness achieved by quenching. If the ordinary material is quenched to a very high hardness, then the toughness of the circular blade would be destroyed, causing the crack of the blade. Therefore, the quenching hardness of the round blade must be determined by the material. The materials of the circular cutters must be harder than the material which is to be cut, and the quenching interval of the heat treatment is generally HRC 55-64°.

Abrasion Resistance

Abrasion resistance is a property that allows a material to withstand mechanical attack, and the better the materials used for circular blades and the better the wear resistance of the blades will be.

Heat Resistance

Heat resistance means that the steel maintains the hardness, toughness, strength and wear resistance under the high-temperature environment generated by high speed. The hardness of the round blade is generally measured by the red hardness of the materials, and the higher level of the red hardness permits higher cutting speed.


Stability refers to the degree to which the crystal of the material of the slitting blade changes when the blade is heat treated. At present, the heat treatment methods of the slitting machine blades are vacuum quenching, salt bath quenching, electric furnace quenching, etc. Different quenching methods have an important influence on the stability of the blade material.


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