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The cause of the burst of stamping die
May 31, 2018

The cause of the burst of stamping die

Stamping die is one of the most commonly used industrial production molds. Due to different stamping processes and different working conditions, the causes of mold burst are manifold. It is the key to correctly analyze the causes of the burst of stamping dies to improve and improve the production efficiency of stamping operations.

carbide punch

If the mold material is not very good, it will easily break up in subsequent processing, and the die life of different materials is often different. For this purpose, two basic requirements are put forward for the work piece material of stamping die.

(1) the properties of the materials should be of high hardness (58-64HRC) and high strength, with high wear resistance and sufficient toughness, small heat treatment deformation and certain thermal hardness.

(2) the process performance is good. The processing and manufacturing process of die parts is generally more complex. Therefore, it is necessary to have adaptability to various processing technologies, such as Forgability, machinability, hardenability, hardenability, hardening crack sensitivity and grinding machinability.

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