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Matters needing attention
May 31, 2018

Matters needing attention

The quality of the surface quality of the working parts of the stamping die has a very close relationship with the wear resistance, fracture resistance and adhesion resistance of the die, which directly affects the service life of the die, especially the surface roughness value which has a great influence on the die life. If the surface roughness is too large, the stress concentration will be produced in the work, and the crack is easily produced between the peaks and the valleys. The durability of the die can be affected and the corrosion resistance of the workpiece surface will be affected, and the life and precision of the die can be affected directly.

The thickness tolerance of the stamping parts, the fluctuation of material performance, the poor surface quality (such as rust) or unclean (such as oil pollution) will result in the worse wear and tear of the working parts of the die. To this end, we should pay attention to:

(1) as far as possible, use stamping process good raw materials, in order to reduce the stamping deformation force;

(2) before stamping, the grade, thickness and surface quality of the raw material should be strictly checked, and the raw material should be cleaned. When necessary, the surface oxide and rust should be cleared.

(3) according to the stamping process and material types, softening and surface treatment can be arranged as necessary, and suitable lubricants and lubrication procedures should be selected.

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