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Machining precision tungsten steel by cemented carbide
May 31, 2018

Machining precision tungsten steel by cemented carbide

Cemented carbide package sleeve

Hard alloy processing precision tungsten steel production and processing is the requirement of the precision use of mechanical mould. The hard alloy produced by powder metallurgy production process is one of the best choice of wear resistant parts as the typical representative of super hard metal because of its high hardness, high strength and good toughness. As a hard alloy manufacturer, we have been committed to providing high performance hard alloy products for the production of machinery industry, from blank production to deep processing precision requirements. We rely on decades of hard alloy military production technology as the basis, hard alloy to improve the industrial chain as a solid backing, advanced production equipment. And the rich experience as a guarantee, for customer friends to provide hard alloy wear-resistant parts of non - standard non - shaped hard alloy product production and processing, customer drawing requirements as a basis, selected quality materials to the maximum to meet the customer's needs of hard alloy wear resistant products.

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