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How to Select Tungsten Carbide Strips and Bars
Nov 14, 2018

Tungsten carbide strips are mainly used for the production of various kinds of carbide tools, such as woodworking tools, carbide blades, and because of their high hardness and good wear resistance, they can also be applied in the manufacture of high precision machinery parts.

Carbide strips, also called carbide bars, come in a variety of grades depending on their performance and applications. The most commonly used hard alloy strips are the YG series, such as YG8 tungsten steel strip, YG3X hard alloy strip, YG6X tungsten steel strip, YL10.2 hard alloy strip as well as YT series Carbide strips, such as YT5 hard alloy strips, YT14 hard alloy strips, YD201 hard alloy strips, YW1 hard alloy strips, YS2T hard alloy strips. The physical and mechanical properties of different grades of carbide strips are not consistent. When purchasing, carefully select according to the conditions of use, the environment of use, the intended use and requirements. Different grades of carbide strips may possess different physical and mechanical properties and learning how to choose the right carbide bars is not a easy job. Here are several tips that can help you to find just the right carbide bar for your specific needs.

1. When selecting a carbide strip, you must know something about the carbide grades, or the physical performance parameters of the hard alloy strips. This is very important.

2. When selecting carbide strips, you need to check the outer dimensions. The hard alloy strips with precise dimensions can reduce your deep processing time, thus in return will make your production efficiency and less cost.

3. When selecting carbide strips, you should pay attention to the flatness of the surface, symmetry and the geometrical tolerance. In general, the high quality carbide bars often come along with precision geometrical tolerance.

4. When selecting hard alloy bars, you need to check whether there are any defects or imperfections such as chipping, cornering, blistering, deformation, over burning and etc. 

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