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How to Choose the Specifications of Cemented Carbide Non-standard Tools
Jan 25, 2019

Cemented carbide has better heat resistance and wear resistance than high-speed steel, tools made of hard alloy materials are more suitable for stainless steel cutting. Tungsten carbide can be divided into two major categories: tungsten-cobalt alloy (YG) and tungsten-cobalt-titanium alloy (YT).

Tungsten-cobalt alloy has good toughness. The tool can be made with a larger rake angle and a sharper edge. The chip is easy to deform during cutting. The cutting is light and the chip is not easy to stick, so it is more suitable stainless steel processing, especially in the case of rough machining and interrupted cutting with large vibration. Tungsten-cobalt alloy is not as hard and brittle as tungsten-cobalt-titanium alloy, and it is not easy to sharpen and easy to chip. Tungsten-cobalt-titanium alloy has good red hardness and is more wear-resistant than tungsten-cobalt alloy under high temperature conditions, but it has high brittleness, and cannot withstand high to impact and vibration under high temperature circumstance, so is generally used for making stainless steel finishing tools. 

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