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Five steps tell you how tungsten carbide balls made
Oct 18, 2018

Step 1: Heading

Ball blanks are cold headed from rolls of wire. The heading machine cuts off a short cylinder of the material and a moving die with a concave spherical cup drives the cylinder into a matching cup in a fixed die. The result is spherical shape, which is the ball blank.



The flashing operation removes the slight band and small protrusions left on the surface by rolling them between two hard alloy plates under high pressure.


Step 3Heat Treat

The balls are hardened. If required, by heating them to a high temperature in a furnace, then quenching them in a liquid bath.


Step 4Rough Grind/ Finish Lap

The hardened balls are precision ground by rolling them between the faces of a fixed iron plate and a very hard fine-grit grinding wheel.

The hardened ground balls are then rolled between two cast iron plates. This critical process determines the final quality of each precision ball.


Step 5Finishing

The final production operation cleans the finished balls and adds a shiny luster to them.


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