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Do you really know about tungsten carbide dies?
Sep 20, 2018

Tungsten carbide is a kind of tools and structure material with performance between ceramics and high speed steel. It has the properties of high hardness, high strength, high density, good corrosion resistance and heat resistance with service life ten times or dozens of times than that of steel. The commonly used cemented carbide dies are cold forming dies, cold punching dies, wire drawing dies, hexagon dies , spiral molds, etc.

Features and Benefits:

1. cemented carbide has high hardness, high red hardness and good wear resistance, which allows it work adjustable under even at high temperature of 550℃.

2. Good elasticity coefficient, generally is (4 ~ 7) × 104kg / mm2, and excellent rigidity at room temperature

3. High Compressive strength which is more than 6000MPa

4. Good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, and not easy to be oxidized under acid, alkali and high temperature;

5. Low coefficient of thermal expansion and suitable for manufacturing high precision, precision and sharp precision molds.


Classifications of tungsten carbide dies according to its application :

1. carbide wire drawing dies

2. carbide cold heading dies, carbide punching dies, carbide extrusion and shaping dies

3. Non magnetic molds

4. Hot tungsten carbide die

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