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Common Types of Alloy Milling Cutters
Nov 26, 2018

The superior performance of the alloy milling cutters is derived from the high quality and ultrafine grained carbide matrix, which is also a perfect combination of the wear resistance of the tool and the strength of the cutting edge. Strict and scientific groove control makes the cutting and chip removal of the tool more stable. In the cavity milling process, the necking structure and the short edge design ensure the rigidity of the tool and avoid the danger of interference. The common types of milling cutters can be classified as follows.

1. Face milling cutter

The main cutting edge of the face milling cutter is distributed on the cylindrical surface of the milling cutter or on the cone surface of the circular machine tool. The minor cutting edge is distributed on the end face of the milling cutter. Face milling cutters can be divided into integral face milling cutters, hard alloy integral welding face milling cutters, cemented carbide machine clamp welding face milling cutters, and carbide indexable face milling cutters.

2. Keyway milling cutter

The keyway milling cutter is mainly used for machining the round head closed keyway on the vertical milling machine.

3. End mill/ Wave edge end mill

The wave-shaped end mills can effectively reduce the cutting resistance, prevent vibration during milling, and significantly improve the milling efficiency. It can turn thin and long chips into thick and short chips to make the chip removal smooth and efficiency.

4. Angle milling cutter

The angle milling cutter are mainly used for processing various angle grooves, inclined surfaces, etc. on a horizontal milling machine. The material of the angle milling cutter is generally high speed steel. Angle machine tool electric cutters can be divided into single angle milling cutters, asymmetric double angle milling cutters and symmetric double angle milling cutters according to their different shapes. Angle cutters have a low tooth strength. When milling, the proper cutting amount should be selected to prevent vibration and chipping.

Alloy milling cutters have high hardness, high wear resistance, high red hardness, high thermal stability and oxidation resistance. They are suitable for all kinds of high-speed cutting tools, wear-resistant parts such as hot wire drawing die, etc. YT5 tool is suitable for rough machining steel, YT15 is suitable for finishing steel, YT30 is suitable for semi-finished steel.

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