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Characteristics and Selection of Cemented Carbide Drill Bits
Dec 10, 2018

Carbide drills have high strength, high hardness performance, fast cutting speed, wear resistance and good red hardness. It is suitable for processing components of various materials. Carbide drill bits can be classified into two types: carbide drill bit with cooling holes and carbide drill bit without cooling holes according to its cooling structure.

Features and applications:

(1) Good rigidity and high strength, easy to obtain high drilling accuracy.

(2) It has superior strength and can be used to drill very hard materials and withstand higher cutting speed.

(3) Effectively reduce chipping and have good wear resistance.

(4) Multi-layer geometric cutting end edge to improve chip evacuation performance and maintain small cutting resistance.

(5) In addition to the commonly used right angle handles, there are a variety of handle types, suitable for a variety of drilling machines.

(6) Compared with the indexable insert type drill bit, the solid carbide drill can be repaired 7 to 10 times.

Carbide drill bit selection

Firstly, select the proper type of cemented carbide (P, M, K, S, N, etc.) according to the materials of the part;

Secondly, choose different drill size and structure according to the size and depth of the drilling hole, such as two-blade, three-blade, X-shaped, etc.

Thirdly, select different cutting parameters according to the equipment and product precision.

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