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Cemented Carbide Rods
Nov 19, 2018

carbide rod or carbide round rod is a kind of alloy material mainly composed by tungsten carbide (WC) powder, which has now been widely used to manufacture hardmetal tools, such as twist drills, mills, reamers, taps and burrs etc.

Tungsten Carbide Rod Blanks Production Process

Milling - wet milling - mixing - crushing - drying - sieving - post adding molding agent - drying - sieving to obtain a mixture - granulation - pressing - forming - low pressure sintering - forming (blank ) - cylindrical grinding (the carbide blank does not have this process) - Inspection.

Welding Characteristics of Cemented Carbide

Cemented carbide is mainly used in the manufacture of bimetal structures such as tools, gauges, molds, mining tools and integral tools. The cutting part is made of cemented carbide, which is basically carbon steel or low alloy steel, usually medium carbon steel. Such kind of workpieces are subjected to considerable stress during operation, in particular compression bending, impact or alternating loads, requiring high joint strength and reliable quality. Cemented carbide has the characteristics of high hardness and good wear resistance, but also has disadvantages such as high brittleness and poor toughness.

The majority of cemented carbide tools are embedded in medium carbon steel or low alloy steel by welding. The welding process is closely related to the performance of the hard alloy. The welding performance directly affects the use of cemented carbide.

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