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Carbide External Threading Tool Insert

1.Type: Power Tool Parts
2.Model Type:Various
3.Trade Term: CIF,EXW,FOB
4.Application: Threading
5.Certifications: ISO9001:2008


Carbide External Threading Tool Insert

Quick Details

Type: Power Tool Parts

Model Type:Various

Trade Term: CIF,EXW,FOB

Application:   Threading

Certifications:   ISO9001:2008

Surface: Ground or Blanks

Trial Order: Acceptable

OEM Service: Acceptable

Delivery Time: Shipped in 15 days after payment

Product Description

1. Various grade and size is available.

2. High quality with competitive price. 

3. Small orders are welcome.


CCMT: CCMT060202, CCMT060204, CCMT060208, CCMT09T302, CCMT09T304, CCMT09T308, CCMT120404, CCMT120408, CCMT120412.

CNMA: CNMA120404, CNMA120408, CNMA120412, CNMA120416, CNMA160608, CNMA160612, CNMA160620, CNMA160630, CNMA190612, CNMA190616.

CNMG: CNMG090308, CNMG120404, CNMG120408, CNMG120412, CNMG120416, CNMG160608, CNMG160612, CNMG160616, CNMG190608, CNMG190612,CNMG190616, CNMG190624.

CNMM: CNMM120404, CNMM120408, CNMM120412, CNMM120416, CNMM160612, CNMM160616, CNMM190608, CNMM190612, CNMM190616, CNMM190624,CNMM250724, CNMM250732, CNMM250924.

DCGT: DCGT070202, DCGT070204, DCGT070208, DCGT11T302, DCGT11T304, DCGT11T308.

DCGX: DCGX070202, DCGX070204, DCGX11T302, DCGX11T304, DCGX11T308.

DCMT: DCMT070202, DCMT070204, DCMT070208, DCMT11T302, DCMT11T304, DCMT11T308, DCMT11T312.

DCMW: DCMW11T304, DCMW11T308.

DNMA: DNMA110416, DNMA150404, DNMA150604, DNMA150608, DNMA150612, DNMA150616.

DNMG: DNMG110404, DNMG110408, DNMG110412, DNMG150404, DNMG150408, DNMG150412, DNMG150416, DNMG150604, DNMG150608, DNMG150612,DNMG150616, DNMG190608, DNMG190612.

DNMM: DNMM150608, DNMM150612, DNMM150616.

KNUX: KNUX160405L11, KNUX160405L12, KNUX160405R11, KNUX160405R12, KNUX160410L11, KNUX160410L12, KNUX160410R11, KNUX160410R12.



SCMT: SCMT09T302, SCMT09T304, SCMT09T304, SCMT09T308, SCMT09T312, SCMT120404, SCMT120408, SCMT120412.

SCMW: SCMW060204, SCMW09T304, SCMW09T308, SCMW120408.

SNMA: SNMA090308, SNMA120404, SNMA120408, SNMA120416, SNMA150608, SNMA150612, SNMA190612, SNMA190616, SNMA150608, SNMA150612SNMA190612, SNMA190616.

SNMG: SNMG090304, SNMG090308, SNMG090312, SNMG120404, SNMG120408, SNMG120412, SNMG120416, SNMG150608, SNMG150612, SNMG150616,SNMG190612, SNMG190616, SNMG190624, SNMG190624, SNMG250724, SNMG250924.

SNMM: SNMM090304, SNMM120408, SNMM120412, SNMM120416, SNMM150608, SNMM150612, SNMM150616, SNMM190608, SNMM190612, SNMM190616,SNMM190624, SNMM250724, SNMM250732, SNMM250924, SNMM250932.

SNUN: SNUN090304, SNUN120408, SNUN120412, SNUN250724, SNUN250924.

TCMT: TCMT06T104, TCMT090202, TCMT090204, TCMT090208, TCMT110202, TCMT110204, TCMT110208, TCMT110212, TCMT16T304, TCMT16T308, TCMT16T312,TCMT220408.

TNMA: TNMA160404, TNMA160408, TNMA160412, TNMA160416, TNMA220404, TNMA220408, TNMA270616.

TNMG: TNMG110304, TNMG110308, TNMG160404, TNMG160408, TNMG160412, TNMG220404, TNMG220408, TNMG220412, TNMG220416, TNMG270608,TNMG270612, TNMG270616, TNMG330924, TNMG330924.

TNMM: TNMM160404, TNMM160408, TNMM160412, TNMM220408, TNMM220412, TNMM220416, TNMM270616.

VBMT: VBMT110202, VBMT110204, VBMT110204, VBMT110208, VBMT110302, VBMT110304, VBMT110308, VBMT160404, VBMT160408, VBMT160412.

VCGT: VCGT110302, VCGT110304, VCGT160408.

VCGX: VCGX110202, VCGX110204, VCGX110301, VCGX110302, VCGX110304, VCGX110308, VCGX160402, VCGX160404, VCGX160408, VCGX160412, VCGX220530.

VNMG: VNMG160404, VNMG160408, VNMG160412.

WCMX: WCMX040208R-53, WCMX06T308R-53, WCMX080412R-53.

WNMA: WNMA060408, WNMA060412, WNMA06T308, WNMA080404, WNMA080408, WNMA080412, WNMA080416.


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