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Marie Jay's Metals (Marie Jay's Metal Products Co., Limited) is a professional manufacturer of tungsten carbide wear resistant components and cutting tools solutions, and precision-machined components made of various metals solutions. Marie Jay provides precision machined parts and sub-assemblies to manufacturing companies and trading companies around the globe, so we can satisfy diverse market application challenges offering standard product and custom engineered solutions. Our mission is to supply our customers with high-quality standard tungsten carbide products and precision and semi-precision custom manufactured products at our clients' requests.

Marie Jay Products
Marie Jay’s Metal Product Co., Limited is a professional Chinese manufacturer and supplier of metal products, mainly specializing in design, development and production of a wide variety of metal products, especially tungsten carbide products, such as carbide rods, carbide inserts, carbide dies, carbide mining tips, carbide cutting tools for wood and bamboos, carbide balls,as well as other casted or machined carbide wear components. Learn more>>
Carbide Rod
We supply a wide selection of standard and custom tungsten carbide rods, including polished and blank carbide rods with or without coolant holes.
Carbide Cutting Tools
Cemented carbide cutting tools boast excellent cutting performance under the conditions of consistently impulsive load and mechanical friction with speed approximately 4~7 times fa
Carbide Dies
Our tungsten carbide drawing dies are composed by micro crystalline rare refractory metal carbide and high-purity cobalt powder for drawing ferrous and non-ferrous metal wires.
Carbide Mining Tips
With the property of high hardness and good wear resistance, carbide mining tips can be used for different rock drilling applications. We offer a wide range of selection of carbide
Carbide Inserts
Cemented carbide is extensively used to make tools and cutters.Our carbide insert has the quality of high hardness and wear resistance, which allows it 20~150 times longer lasting
Carbide Wear Parts
We are able to manufacture high quality tungsten carbide wear components to meet the diversity demands of customers worldwide as per the defined quality standards.

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